About us

First KREVETKA Seafood bar was opened in December 2018 in Moscow at Kapitoly mall on Prospekt Vernadskogo. The restaurant welcomes seafood lovers who, no doubt, would appreciate very attractive prices, making the venue a possibility for an every day stop. To get acquainted with the project start with in-house special shrimp on ice (traditional or smoked) accompanied with one of special dressings.


Russian products are the basis of KREVETKA Seafood bar menu: renowned Magadan shrimp, far east tittlebat and trout, Murmansk halibut Komandorskiy calamari under a watchful eye of brand-chef Kirill Martynenko turn into memorable, inventive dishes at incredibly relevant price, which is more than important current economic realities.
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In 2019, practically immediately after the first KREVETKA Seafood bar opening, two more franchise establishment were open. First at MEGA Mall Khimki and the other one − in Voronezh city. Comprehensive menu, polished logistics and strong team of professionals – a sure ticket to success of a franchise operation. Follow the link все детали to get more information on KREVETKA Seafood franchise possibilities.